16 March: Cauliflower cheese with Lord Dalrymple’s top, potatoes, apple sauce

Dinner 16 March

For Lord Dalrymple’s sake, I hope his top looked nothing like the lumpy, greasy, flat mess sitting on my (undercooked) cauliflower last night. Recipes from Sarah Raven’s Garden Cookbook don’t normally lead me astray, so I am going to guess it was me who made the mess. Halving the recipe, substituting milk for cream and Gouda cheese for cheddar, browning the butter. Whatever it was that caused the problem, it wasn’t even solved by unleashing the power of the KitchenAid on the separated, blobby mess I found in my pan when things were supposed to have “the consistency of double cream”. Ugh. Thank goodness for apple sauce and late-night snacking on salted peanuts, is all I can say.


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The plan 14-20 March


Soto ajam with bok choi


Lasagna with green salad


Cauliflower cheese (from Sarah Raven’s Garden Cookbook) and potatoes


Noodle salad with eggplant


Kipperburgers (from Nigel Slater´s Kitchen Diaries) and salad


Okonomyaki with shrimp



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13-15 March

15 March: Lasagna

Dinner 15 March

Léa insisted on spending a large part of the day on the counter in the kitchen. So I made another batch of kimchi and then moved on to prepping the lasagna for dinner. Sometimes, a baby with opinions (“Dah. DAH!” and a sprint to the kitchen every time I put her in the living room) comes in handy.

14 March: Soto ajam with bok choi

Dinner 14 March

Every time I make soto ajam, I am transported back to evenings at my grandparents’ table, sneaking as many slices of egg as I dared to garnish my otherwise naked bowl of broth. It makes me smile and comforts me, so it is a mystery why I don’t get out the lemon grass and chicken bits more often.

13 March: Half a chicken sandwich

On the train with half a sandwich left over from lunch. Between all-afternoon meetings and a chatty colleague at the station, I didn’t manage to buy any more food. Obviously, I paid a visit to the Thalys Bar for tea and chocolate.

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12 March: Spicy papaya salad, duck curry, sticky rice

Dinner 13 March

We toasted a wonderful woman on her last night as our colleague and inspiration. She is moving on to bigger and better things and I was happy for her, yes, but a little sad for myself. So I was glad for the papaya salad, duck curry and, especially, sticky rice that kept my hands busy and my mouth filled with delicate, fragrant flavors.

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11 March: Broccoli salad

Dinner was broccoli salad with yogurt dressing and brown bread. Lunch was kale ‘salad’ (raw kale, chickpeas, garlic salsa). With green tea. This morning, I had a croissant and large milky coffee for breakfast, to keep myself from being insufferable.

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