23-25 March

25 March: Blue cheese sandwich, pistachio nuts, chocolate

Rather than buying it at the station, I made my sandwich from supermarket ingredients. Then I celebrated my frugality with lots of dark chocolate with almonds.

24 March: Salade d’endives, poulet fermier roti at La Gare

Dinner 24 March

Splashing out on a Martini Americano on my Parisian night out. Cue bright red ears and overexcited babble. But M graciously said nothing and I had a grand time dissecting life, love and a chicken leg.

23 March: Sausage-leek roll, peanuts

Dinner 23 March

I am trying to work up the courage to bake some bread (leaden, underbaked and oddly fishy attempts in the past have inspired no confidence) and thought I would start with sausages wrapped in bread dough. Similar, but not nearly as intimidating because most things taste good wrapped around sausage. And the leek-sausage rolls from a year-old Delicious magazine delivered. Easy to do, even easier to eat.


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