13-15 March

15 March: Lasagna

Dinner 15 March

Léa insisted on spending a large part of the day on the counter in the kitchen. So I made another batch of kimchi and then moved on to prepping the lasagna for dinner. Sometimes, a baby with opinions (“Dah. DAH!” and a sprint to the kitchen every time I put her in the living room) comes in handy.

14 March: Soto ajam with bok choi

Dinner 14 March

Every time I make soto ajam, I am transported back to evenings at my grandparents’ table, sneaking as many slices of egg as I dared to garnish my otherwise naked bowl of broth. It makes me smile and comforts me, so it is a mystery why I don’t get out the lemon grass and chicken bits more often.

13 March: Half a chicken sandwich

On the train with half a sandwich left over from lunch. Between all-afternoon meetings and a chatty colleague at the station, I didn’t manage to buy any more food. Obviously, I paid a visit to the Thalys Bar for tea and chocolate.


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