4 March: Ultimate winter rice

Dinner 4 March

The mere 20 minutes it took me to chop All The Vegetables for this ultimate winter couscous rice probably should have told me that I was not going to have a massive batch of left-overs. Still, when I took a pan brimming with parsnips, carrots and pumpkin from the oven, I was gleefully anticipating a beautiful bounty for my freezer. But then the husband came along, and polished off three helpings. Luckily for my freezer project, the baby used up only a spoonful as plate decoration (buttered rice was all that made it into her stomach) and I was not wild enough about all the sweetness to eat more than a serving myself. So there it was, my first planned-for freezer baggy:

Freezer baggy nr 1

Enough for one, maybe? If that one is not very hungry?

Oh well, baby steps.


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