28 February- 2 March

2 March: Arborio rice salad (from Cooking for Mr Latte), roasted fennel and apple sauce

Dinner 2 March

The circumstances for this dinner were less than ideal. First, it was decidedly not salad weather. Then Léa’s nap time was eaten by boring correspondence and preparatory chopping and boiling did not happen. And still, surprisingly, this was a good one.

Léa wanted to spend all afternoon in the kitchen and did not mind me chopping and boiling while she hung out on the counter, looking out the window and through her book of DIY coupons. As long as I let her have the occassional taste from my bowls, of course (plain rice and apple chunks were popular- pine nuts, not so much). It was lovely. And then the husband showed up just when the fennel was ready to come out of the over, so part of dinner was even warm. Aaaah.

Lea in the window

1 March: A birthday party for N and her mom

Dinner 1 March

Line dancing people of a certain age, a wonderful friend showing off her talents, a heaping plate of tasty Chinese/Indonesian food and bright pink cake to finish. This party was worth the 2 hours it took to get there by public transport.

28 February: Bacon and egg ramen

Léa went down for a nap, and I added garlic, ginger, lemon grass and bacon to the broth so they could surrender their flavor. Then I boiled eggs, chopped spring onions and bok choi. And then I had tea with the mom.

Getting the noodles ready a few hours later was more difficult than hoped (stupid instructions for stupid overcooked noodles), but I still got to the table in a mostly good mood and the emergency kimchi increased my happiness some more. Loved the lovely, puckery, spicy cabbage floating in my soup.


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