15-17 February

17 February: Dover sole, salad with beets, fried potatoes

Dinner 17 Ferbuary

The friendly fishmonger told me to fry the Dover sole in lots of butter for three minutes on each side. So I did (or rather, the husband (!) did- screechy babies with a “not the momma!”-phase have their uses) and they were mighty tasty, but just a tad difficult to lift from the bone. We’ll try four minutes next time.

(The salad was hearts of romaine with mimosa dressing from Canal House Cooks Every Day, with roasted beets added, and the Canal House ladies delivered again. That was some good salad.)

16 February: Cauliflower with breadcrumbs, plums and bacon, garlic bread

And then the baby and I were both sick, and home alone. Which translated into lots of naps and not enough food at dinner time, but the husband was happy to fill up the rest of his stomach with cake and apple pie. Me, I stuck with licorice and a Very Early Night.

(The cauliflower was brought to us by Canal House Cooks Every Day, and I could have had just a plateful of the porky, plum-y breadcrumbs and been happy. Yum!)

15 February: Parsnip soup with gnocchi

Dinner 15 Feb

More parsnip soup. Oh joy. But I was glad it was there, because spending a whole day alone with a sickish baby is… not relaxing. We read books, we took a walk, we paged through the Praxis coupon booklet about 37 times, we baked a cake (or I did, while she went through the spice rack and surprisingly managed to open a jar of juniper berries- she did not care for their taste) and all throughout, she made it quite clear I was not to step more than a meter away. Or the consequences would be loud and screechy.

So, yeah. Soup sounded kinda nice, come six o’clock. (Which is freakishly early around here, but bedtime needed to be a little early. Or a lot.)


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