19 -31 January

31 January: Carrot soup, bread, cheese

Dinner 31 January

Supermarkets don’t open on Sunday here (nothing does), so I had to shop for two days. This was only more or less successful because we ate the same thing for dinner on Saturday as lunch on Sunday. Are there really people who shop for a whole week on one day?

30 January: Jerusalem artichoke pot pie, rib-eye, duck, blood orange soaked cake and hazelnut semifreddo at Wilde Zwijnen

Dinner 30 January

When you sell a house, you celebrate. With bitterballen, ribeye and duck. And dessert, of course.

29 January: Pasta with tomato sauce

Dinner 29 January

I dragged the baby to Amsterdam (she no longer weighs 2,5 kg) and then spent the day in a coffee house, catching up on work e-mail. He spent the day running errands, eeking order out of chaos and making pasta with tomato sauce. We both felt the other got the best deal.

28 January: Pizza and Indonesian take-out

Dinner 28 January

We cleaned the shoebox, bought a dish washer, ate lunch, cleaned the shoebox some more. And then, amazingly, it was six o’clock. So we bought pizza and a jar of baby food and retreated to the parents’ house once again.

27 January: Tomato soup, bread, butter, cheese (one of the most comforting dinners on earth)

Dinner 27 January

Léa’s ate her soup, with a spoon, drop by drop by drop. This gave me ample time to spread many baguette slices with a thick layer of butter and dip them into my own soup. Aaaah.

26 January: Thai curry with cauliflower

Dinner 26 January

We made it back to the table, with a bowl of curry. Not bad, although it needed a lot more curry paste than I added.

25 January: Chicken soup

Dinner 25 January

Chicken soup on the couch for our first dinner in the new house. (There was more, I am sure, but I cannot for the life of me remember what.)

24 January: The mom’s chicken soup, fries, fried snacks

Dinner 24 January

Should I ever feel the need again to pack up everything I own and bring it to another building, I will pay someone to do the bringing. I wasn’t even the one doing most of the heavy lifting, and I was shattered. Then we locked ourselves out of our new house and enough was enough. We went to the parents´ house and ate our weight in chicken soup, fries and other snacks. (But not apple pie, because that got left behind the door we could not open. Humpf.)

23 January: Fried fish, potato salad, cheese, pavlova

And then there were two. Houses, that is. We bought a house, cleaned it (thank goodness for friends who scrub!) and then went to the shoebox to finish packing. Dinner was a lovely lull in between, with B and the mom.

22 January: Cheese fondue, cornbread, boiled broccoli

Dinner 22 January

The fridge clear-out brought a weird assortment of foods to the table, which matched the mood. Our last “normal” night in Amsterdam.

21 January: Sandwich Dieppois from Paul

Another train ride home, another Paul sandwich. With tuna this time, because woman cannot exist on dried sausage alone. (Although woman would be perfectly content to, truth be told.)

20 January: Ramen with extra kimchi and an egg at Ito-Chan

Dinner 20 January

Baby still sick-ish, momma still in Paris. News came that she had been a trooper all day, so I let a bowl of ramen noodles soothe me. Also, fortify me through reading some more house paperwork. Almost there with the buying.

19 January

Dinner 19 January

Our last free day together in Amsterdam, and my baby was not a happy camper. By the time I left her with her dad to go catch a train, she was running a fever. Dinner was not a cheery affair for any of us. (Theirs ended with a trip to the GP, but luckily that was the worst of it.)


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