1-6 February

6 February: Pasta with meat sauce, apple crumble

Dinner 6 February

The parents brought over a batch of meat sauce for pasta and Léa inhaled a gigantic serving (or rather, three normal servings in rapid succession). Then she thought she was done (arms in the air, “uh uh uh”) until she saw the apple crumble. She did not mind a bite of two (or ten) of that, oh no, she did not.

5 February: Chicken noodle soup

Dinner 5 February

Sniffles, sniffles, sniffles. They are back. After all the viruses Léa has brought back from daycare, you would think I’d be used to them. But no. I still feel sorry for myself. At least I get to practice my chicken soup cooking skills (I added turmeric to help our immune system along). This is something.

4 February: Paul salad, baguette, chocolate

Dinner 4 February

Another dinner in transit and it was probably the best of the three, although the egg on the salad tasted like it had had a good long soak in funny preservatives.

3 February: Skagen sandwich from Wayne’s Coffee at Arlanda airport 

The filling was not bad (shrimp in creamy dill dressing), but why was the bread sweet?

2 February: Yogurt with granola

Léa saw me pack the sandwiches I’d made for dinner and insisted we share them as an afternoon snack. So dinner became a gigantic container of yogurt with granola and seriously bad coffee at the airport.

1 February: braised red cabbage, slow roasted salmon and boiled potatoes

The in-laws came to see the house, bringing tools and curtains. I gave them red cabbage and salmon in return. And time with their granddaughter. Win-win, I say.


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