January 13-15

January 15: Sauerkraut fried rice, vanilla apple sauce, grated carrot

Dinner 15 January

A table full of tasty things (if I do say so myself), but the baby chose angry schreeching over eating. We finally figured out what enraged her when we handed over the spoon and she got to work on the apple sauce she had been adamantly refusing. Pffffff. (Also, when we put her to bed an hour early and she promptly conked out.)

January 14: The mom’s split pea soup and apple crumble

The husband, on our way back home: “That was a tasty dinner.” *grunt* “I ate too much.”

January 13: Chicken burritos and chicory salad

Dinner 13 January

Léa ate before we did, but did not mind sharing some of our crunchy cheese and chicken. Quite a relaxing experience, apparently.


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