January 6-11

January 11: Vegetarian chili and cornbread

Dinner 11 January

Excellent pantry clear-out: 3 cups of cornmeal, a can of beans and a can of tomatoes in one meal (plus half a candle- only 23 left to pack). The resulting meal was part-tasty (Amateur Gourmet’s vegetarian chili never fails to do the trick), part-bland (cornbread needs more salt than I am comfortable adding). Unfortunately, the cornbread yielded far more left-overs. Any ideas for how to eat stale, undersalted cornbread?

January 10: Leek risotto

Dinner 10 January

The blue cheese struck again and my bowl of risotto was Very Salty. Lucky for them, I added only mozzarella to the baby’s and husband’s bowl. Bland is better than agressive, yes?

January 9: Butternut squash soup and lentil salad

Dinner 9 January

Chaos in the world, chaos in my home, chaos on the table. Nigel Slater’s spiced butternut squash soothed only a little.

January 8: Savoureux sandwich from Paul

And a rhubarb tartelette to finish. It was fine, or as fine as any dinner could have been after a day of yet more shootings and turmoil. It got too close, this one. (Yup. Self-absorbed. I am sorry.)

January 7: Picnic on the bed

I had plans. Plans to pick a restaurant from Hungry for Paris and take myself out for dinner. But after drinks with V my head hurt and the metro was not a cheering prospect (the Charlie shooting was only an afternoon old) so I had a ham, radish, St Marcellin and baguette picnic on my bed instead, with lychees to finish.

January 6: Chicory salad

Remember the bit from Bridget Jones’s Diary where Bridget serves blue soup for a dinner party? That was me, except the party was a train ride by myself, and the soup was a salad. But blue it was. (Also, far too cheesy. Ikea blue cheese is so full-on that it makes my eyes water.)


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