January 1-4

January 4: Roti, gado gado, bapao, bakabana from Sranang Makmur

Dinner 4 January

With our moving date approaching, we feel compelled to partake of the easy-access take-out around us before it disappears into a suburban fog. My roti was a tad dry, but the husband liked his gado gado and the baby had no complaints about the chicken satay or fried banana.

January 3: Garlicky toast with mushrooms and melted Vacherin Mont d’Or

Dinner 3 January

The vacherin made it into my fridge before Christmas, but not into our bellies until now. Oh well, a late tradition is better than no tradition. Léa barely took a bite until her dad brought out the peas and then ate a rather large serving pea-by-pea. Dinner wasn’t over until 21.15 hrs.

January 2: Veal “ragout” and fennel salad

Dinner 2 January

Another good thing about January 1 celebrations: the left-overs for January 2. Or, in this case, the lovely veal “ragout” (an English translation eludes me) my mom cooked especially for us to take home. Yum.

January 1: Fishy things with the family in Almere

Dinner 1 January

Ooh, how I love this tradition of sharing a table full of fish (plus cheese, and deviled eggs, and chicken wings) to get the new year off to a good start.


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