December 20-28

December 28: The husband’s famous chicken pie, roasted cauliflower

Dinner 28 December

My baby’s first dinner and a movie. She liked Shrek, but was too full still with this afternoon’s yogurt and apple pie to do dinner justice.

December 27: Celeriac and pear soup, omelette, bread rolls

Left-overs turned into soup (loosely based on this one), fluffy egg and thickly buttered rolls. Not bad. Not bad at all.

December 26: Christmas dinner in Dordrecht

Fish soup, ham and sauerkraut with potato muffins and chicory salad, panna cotta with citrus, strawberry charlotte royale

More delicious food, more presents and fun. My mouth is a bit better, but the husband is suffering and goes to bed without even watching any bad movies. Ouch.

December 25: Christmas dinner in Huizen

Dinner 25 December

Pumpkin soup and tomato/mozzarella bruschetta, slow roasted cod with lemon beurre blanc, parsnip and celeriac, mashed potatoes, Blue Stilton with port and celery, apple crumble.

Plus a big pile of presents and poems. What a lovely first day of Christmas.

December 24: Chicken pho

Dinner 24 December

Another disappointing recipe from a culinary hero. SmittenKitchen’s chicken pho was okay, but not great and certainly not what I had hoped for from our Christmas Ee dinner. Meh.

December 23: Canal House Fried Rice

The baby showed quite impressive fine motor skills, picking every last pea and shred of ham from between the grains of rice. (Her momma wasn’t too impressed with the rice either- this was the first CH recipe I’ve tried that I haven’t loved.)

December 22: Broccoli and pasta soup

Dinner 22 December

Back home, with a pasta dinner that is friendlier on my sore tongue and throat than the sausages in tomato sauce we had a few days ago.

December 21: Cheese fondue

The snacks at T. Will’s borthday party were lovely, but by 20.30hrs I was peckish again, so I had a melted cheese party for one. (The baby was out cold before dinner after all the socializing, the husband was back in Amsterdam to put our toilet back where it belongs.)

December 20: Pasta with sausage sauce, grilled zucchini and mozzarella

Dinner 20 December

Perhaps tomato sauce wasn’t the smartest thing to pick for dinner, when my mouth was so sore. There may have been tears, and the baby did not shed them.


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