December catch-up 2

19 December: Pizza and grilled vegetables

Dinner 19 December

We had pizza, the baby had lasagna from a jar.I wonder how much longer we will be able to pull that one of.

18 December: Broccoli with tuna sauce, bread

I spent the day napping and hanging around (hurray for the parents for making that possible) so by night time I was ready to do something wholesome: cook broccoli. I added creamy tuna sauce, but Léa was having none of it. Her dinner consisted of the butter she licked from a piece of bread, repeatedly. When no more butter was forthcoming, she ate the bread and called it a night.

17 December: Le savoureux sandwich from Paul

I rode first class back home, and kind people kept bringing me glasses of sparkly water to go with my sandwich. What a bubbly way to end my last trip to Paris of the year.

16 December: chicken tacos

Dinner 16 December

Oh, Chiipotle. How good it is to be back. And with a totally legitimate reason: I had to go to the Beaugrenelle mall for Christmas presents anyway. So there.

15 December: Francoise’s brandade au morue

This was probably the first time in my life that I finished a plate of potato-based food, and then went back for seconds. It was also the first time in a long time that I did not quite know how to be at a table. What do I do with this little plate? When do I eat the salad? And how, for that matter, do I eat the salad without bits sticking out of my mouth?

Silly, being intimidated by French etiquette (to the point of forgetting how to eat salad), but there you have it.

14 December: red cabbage salad and rice crackers

My tea leaked all over my magazine and books again (stupid flask with the stupid lock not working), but the salad was nice.

13 December: Slowroasted schelvis, leeks with cherry tomatoes

Dinner 13 December

Testing Christmas recipes (the fish was juicy but bland- must find a perky sauce to go with it), buying a Christmas tree. The festive season has started.

12 December: salmon and braised red cabbage, potatoes

Dinner 12 December

11 December: braised chicken and leeks with chive dumplings

Dinner 11 December

This was going to beans with sardines, but then a comfort craving hit and I had to make dumplings. The baby approved.


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