Catching up- December 2014

7 December: Ravioli with artichoke and rocket, smoked fish with horse radish sauce.

Dinner 8 December

Happy chaos at the table with Léa, J, E, their chatty 5-yr old and their 15-month twins at Cafe Restaurant Amsterdam. As E said when we were gathering up children, toys, articles of clothing at the end of the meal: “We did it!”.

(But we did not take pics, so these are from Léa on the tram going back home.)

6 December: chicken soup, bread and carrot salad

Dinner 6 december

Snotty pestilence once again hit our home. The baby and I were sniffling, but the husband was hit hardest and had to spend the weekend on the couch and in bed. We fought back with chicken soup with a good dose of turmeric. It appears to have worked, because he is back at work this Monday.

5 December: Tanja’s braised beef, beans with ham and green salad

Dinner 5 December

The baby took her first real steps today! We celebrated with a big pile of gifts and some hearty winter food. Although those may have had something to do with Sinterklaas as well.

4 December: Garlic fried rice with an egg on top, carrot soup

Dinner 4 december

Fried rice really perks up when you add large amounts of garlic, some sauerkraut and lashings of hot sauce (try it, it’s good). Turmeric does not contribute to carrot soup in the same way (yup, funny taste again) but I swear it helped combat the unpleasantness assaulting my system. If only the baby had deigned to try some. (Poor sniffling, coughing, but surprisingly cheery baby.)

3 December: Le Savoureux sandwich from Paul

Dinner 3 December

A mad dash to the station to catch the train meant dinner was just a sandwich. This is not enough, obviously, so I ate crackers and cheese when I got home.

2 December: Oysters, burger, salted caramel macaron

Dinner 2 Dec

Oh Paris, how tasty you can be. (Although I was not feeling quite as delighted laying in bed with a cramping stomach a few hours later. Silly woman, eating too-rare beef again.)

1 December: Cheese sandwiches, carrots, katjang pedis

A trip to the mortgage adviser to drop off some signed papers messed with my cooking plans, so dinner was sandwiches, a pile of carrots and some spicy peanuts. I’d missed those.


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