Still eating

Oh my word. The busyness has not let up- buying a house, selling a house, wrapping up work before three weeks away. It’s all still going strong. In the mean time not a lot of cooking has gone on. But I’m still eating, of course:

21 October

Dinner 21 October

Nice (but overpriced) Asian-inspired food at Bon with M.

22 October

Dinner 22 October

Sushi and Chinese take-out in Huizen (this was supposed to have been a surprise dinner out for the husband’s birthday, but fatigue and headache intervened).

23 October

Time to exhale with a pizza on the couch with the parents.

24 October

Dinner 24 October

The Husband’s Famous Chicken Pie and roasted broccoli. Cooked by the husband, eaten in a sparklingly clean home that had not yet regained its messiness after the photographer’s visit.

25 October

Dinner 25 October

DIY meat fest (gourmet) with the extended family-in-law.

26 October

Dinner 26 October

Carrot-coconut soup. Home-made, yes, but it was supposed to be followed by Indonesian braised kale and that didn’t happen. Bread, cheese and fish from the supermarket were as far as I got. The baby had no complaints as she smacked her way through half a tin of sardines.


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