12 September: salumi, shrimp risotto

Dinner 12 September

Judging by the jarred baby food I found in the supermarket in Bosa, Italian parents don’t feel the need for food help other than for fruit and meat. A wide selection of “homogenized” meat was available (chicken, veal, rabbit, horse), plus some jars of sweetened fruit puree, but the only option with vegetables (swordfish and mixed vegetables) boasted little besides potato and onion. So the baby made quick work of two jars of pear puree and the bread basket at Verde Fiume while the husband and I ate salumi (me; oh, hang on, Léa had the least salty bits from that one as well), shellfish with curried peas (him), spaghetti vongole (him) and risotto with shrimp (me).

Jacco en Lea in Bosa


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