8 September: Sardinian specialities at Punta Lizzu

Dinner 8 September

A late-afternoon trip to the beach a, sea-side apéro (crodino! salty crisps!) and then on to dinner at Punta Lizzu. A table full of antipasti (soft stewed vegetables with basil, salumi, olives, local bread with cracklings, eggplant fritters, pane carasau with melted cheese) had me happy and mostly full even before the pasta (ravioli with cheese, olive oil and sage) and mixed vegetable soup appeared. The porchettu with artichokes (so good!) almost popped the button on my jeans, but this did not stop me from having justalittletaste of the sweet fritters. The husband went ahead and ordered the full dessert (fried dough stuffed with cheese and soaked in honey) and the baby gave up and went to sleep right before All The Sugar happened. She kept one hand in the air, though, just in case one of her fans happened by.


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