Cheese pie to start the year

Cheese pie

Cheese pie

The perfect antidote to December’s rich and possibly slightly overindulgent food? Rich and slightly overindulgent food in early January. Resolutions are lovely, but if you ask me, going from chocolate, cheese and cream to brown rice and broccoli in the span of a week is the quickest way to breaking them. Therefore, cheese pie. I won’t bother you with the recipe, from Sophie’s Cakes and Salads, since it was a bit of a let-down. The eggy milk mixture never really set and the cheese fused with the bottom crust into soggy whole. But eh. It had stinky cheese, it had lots of eggs and butter. Paired with a bowl of celeriac-apple soup, we ate well. Plus, Ducky got her first whiff of smelly cheese. This is a start of the year I can get behind.


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