Shoebox Baby

Well, hello. It has been a while, has it not? I am sorry. But I have an excuse, of sorts. Look who has joined the shoebox:

Ducky is here

Ducky is here

In all honesty, I cannot blame her for the lack of posts around here. Not directly. There was no morning sickness, no cravings that saw me eat just cookies and Chipotle take-out for months (although there were some burritos, and more than a few cookies), not even any heart burn to speak of. In fact, there was a flurry of cooking, and meticulously planned eating when gestational diabetes hit. Still, no posts. I can only blame the enormous head space that growing a human took. There was much thinking, and planning, and fantasizing. Worrying, of course. So while I stirred pots and fired up the oven, writing about it didn’t happen.

But now she is here. Also, I am back in Amsterdam (le shoebox parisien is mine no more) and learning how to feed a family. A family that has the husband around again fulltime and, of course, a little girl with big grey eyes and even bigger cheeks. I want her to hear me in the kitchen, see us around the table, smell real food (this milk thing must be boring, even when you are pint-sized). And I want to tell you all about it. In short bursts or long stories. Come along for the ride?



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2 responses to “Shoebox Baby

  1. Harry

    She’s sooooooo cute! She looks like her mum! We’ll definitely join you for the ride.

  2. Such a sweety. I’m in for the ride as well. How’s opa?

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