Tomato and feta risotto


I rarely feel like a domestic goddess. With fingerprints on my windows, an endless pile of dishes in the sink and water stains on my shower door, any illusions in this area crumble before they even get going. Unless, that is, I am stirring risotto. Standing over the stove for twenty minutes, swirling rice grains in hot liquid and seeing them transform into plump, delicious food never fails to make me feel divine. It doesn´t hurt, of course, that after twenty minutes of stirring I usually end up with a tasty meal.

Up there is tomato risotto with oregano and feta. I used this recipe from the WednesdayChef, but with canned tomatoes squished through my fingers instead of grated fresh tomatoes (what with it being only spring) and no Pernod (what would I do with the rest of a bottle of booze I do not like?). Maybe a little too salty, but certainly good enough to allow me my halo moment. What more can a non-deity ask for on a weeknight?


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