Skye Gyngell’s Ribollita


Ribollita and bread

Yesterday morning, a bowl of non-fat fromage frais for breakfast left me dreaming of all the lovely things I could have had instead of the oddly chalky thinness I was spooning into my mouth. Also, I was hungry all day. It took two deep bowls of ribollita (a Sky Gyngell recipe) to finally feel full at dinner time.


Blood oranges and honey

A plate of blood orange slices with honey made things better still and I went to bed with a happy tummy. But today I’m having a croissant for breakfast.



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2 responses to “Skye Gyngell’s Ribollita

  1. Nellie

    Een recept met aardappelen??
    Lijkt mij overigens heel lekker!

  2. Hehe. Ik had moeten schrijven “een aangepaste versie van een Skye Gyngell recept”. Maar dat was zo lang. 😉

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