Happiest To You

Pfew. Two days of norovirus (self-diagnosed), three days of recovery and the year is a week old. Among other… inconveniences… the run-in with the virus sabotaged my lovely, shiny new year’s resolutions of cooking delicious things and writing captivating blog content with at least semi-regularity.

Oh well.

All that can start tomorrow; the first real week of the new year, after all. Tonight, we stay in and nurse ourselves back to health with Annette’s Big Dip. Hope you have a lovely new year!

Annette’s Big Dip
As described by Annette, a colleague’s lovely wife
“I used in the following order:
1 jar spicy Mexican salsa
2 avocados mashed, + squeeze lemon juice + cracked pepper
1 sour cream mixed with taco seasoning (half packet)
a layer of grated cheese
a layer of cherry tomatoes, cut in small pieces
a layer of chopped spring onions”

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One response to “Happiest To You

  1. de m.

    Komt helemaal goed met jullie met deze lekkere en gezonde dip.
    Goede reis terug naar Parijs, en succes met alle voorbereidingen voor de workshop in Quito.

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