Fall at Versailles (Angelina hot chocolate)

Fall at Versailles

“Cold, cold, cold. So very, very cold.”

I couldn’t stop mumbling to myself as the husband and I plodded through the gardens at Chateau de Versailles. Every now and then the majesty of the place broke through and I noticed the fairytale groves, the manicured lawns, the mirror surface of the huge pool. Oh, and fountains dancing to music. But mostly? Cold. Cold, cold, cold.

And these are not small gardens. Crossing the estate took 45 minutes and neither of us could feel our toes by the time we got to the other end. Enough was enough. It was time for hot chocolate.

Cup of Angelina

Angelina thoughtfully provided. As soon as I wrapped my hands around the warm cup, I felt better. A few sips and my insides relaxed into the warmth, my limbs unclenched. The thick, rich chocolate effectively stopped the stream of mumbled complaints. And so what if my teeth hurt a little from the copious amounts of sugar? These are details when a drink brings you back to life.

“Good, good, good. So very, very good.”


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One response to “Fall at Versailles (Angelina hot chocolate)

  1. Manon

    Ah, I should have known about the chocolate, visiting Angelina’s in the Louvres Richelieu part…!

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