Pause Cafe

I am proud to announce that I ate on a film set. Okay, the film was shot in 1996 and I did not make it there until 2012, but those are details. Important thing is that cameras once filmed Pause Cafe, and I was there. Oh, and the food was good too.

First time I went, it was August and hot and I had a lovely bowl of gazpacho. Bright, garlicky and positively packed with tomato flavor, that was one good bowl of soup. However, O. ordered the oeuf en cocotte, and I was a bit jealous. The yolk was runny, there was green-flecked cream and I resolved to make it back soon and try something similarly enticing.

It took longer than I’d hoped, but about two months later I was on their terrace again, basking in freak autumnal sunshine, with the husband on the other side of the table. I decided not to go for the eggs (thereby creating the perfect excuse to go back again- smart, no?) but ordered the brick au chevre. Out came this:

Brick de chevre

And it was good. Lots of fresh chevre, wrapped in a crispy shell and served over salad with marinated vegetables and a dressing with a good kick of vinegar. The husband was also rather taken with his grilled fish and risotto, so it’s a good, good thing I made sure we have a reason to come back.



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2 responses to “Pause Cafe

  1. Harywrc

    We Will be in Paris in two weeks…

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