Belly Full of London

Monkey nuts at Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Food is high on my list of things to look forward to when I go to London. In fact, It is one of two things I look forward to most, rivaled only by the pleasure of catching up with a number of very cool men.

Yup, I think of the capital of spotted dick and mushy peas as a treat to my taste buds.

And I how can I not, when a randomly selected bar at Spitalfields market serves me a lovely sandwich with thickly cut bacon and melted brie for lunch?

Spitalfields sandwich

When I get treated to a dinner of crispy whitebait with aioli followed by well-cooked grilled fish at Applebee´s? (Although the three oddly bland sauces that showed up with the mixed fish were a bit of a let-down.)

Applebee’s whitebait

Even my first foray into Nando’s spicy chicken emporium was quite pleasurable. A kind waitress sat down with me (!) to talk me through the menu (“And here you have the menu options. You see that you get a discount on the second side?”) and the chicken and salad were a tasty cure for walking outside in the rain, trying to find a place to eat by myself at 9.30 PM on a Monday night.

My First Nando’s

But the best meal I had on my recent trip was at Gourmet Burger Kitchen at Spitalfields Market. After months of craving a proper burger, I tucked into a thick patty of char grilled beef (oh, how I love the flavor of grilling over coals), dripping with melted blue cheese and covered in fried onions and I was happy. Purely, unapologetically happy. So there was a vegetarian sitting across from me, virtuously chomping on a mushroom burger. I did not care. I just took another bite and sighed a happy sigh. Mind you, all this happiness might also have had something to do with the fact that said vegetarian was sharing a bowl of haloumi bites and a stack of crispy onion rings with me and telling me about the most scandalous bits of his life.

Burgers at Gourmet Burger Kitchen

But. Happiness over a burger. London, you are so tasty.

And the fact that the French patisserie you served (at Patisserie Valerie, no less) was not particularly attractive? A bit dry and uninspired? Well, I take the blame for that one. Ordering French when there are so many other, exciting options to choose from? I am sorry.

At Patisserie Valerie

Next time, I’ll get the spotted dick instead.


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  1. Harywrc

    Ik krijg er trek van…

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