Food Freak Flag

Eating Paris

So… I had a little freak-out on Monday when I discovered it was October (OCTOBER). Well and truly falling leaves season, and my summer To Do list is nowhere near completed. What kind of person has a longer summer To Do list in October than in June?

I felt like a failure. I live in one of the coolest cities on earth and I still cannot get my behind into gear to see all the places, experience all the goodness and find all the hidden treasures? My head drooped and I peered out at the world guiltily.

Then I got lost on Humans of New York after work (as you do) and all of a sudden, things didn’t seem so bad. Here’s a site full of people who live in this city, arguably the city, and don’t feel any need to do what is expected. They just do what they need to do. Letting their freak flag fly, if you will. Want pink hair? Go ahead and dye, and maybe add some rainbow stripes. Think it is important to re-design the lobby of Bergdorff Goodman? Grab a pencil. No invitation from Bergdorff required.

Now this I can do. All I want to do is eat all the things, anyway. And what better place to do it than Paris? So here’s to chowing down that To Do list, one bite at a time.


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