Ice Cream at Le Bac

Ice cream shop

The man and I spent a week together in Paris after we had eaten all the things in Southern France. What I had hoped would be a relaxing week, slowly adjusting back to working life, turned out to be a whirlwind of moving, long bicycle rides and lifting heavy objects in stuffy heat.

One night, the man and I agreed to meet at a friend’s place so we could do laundry and go look at refrigerators in a neighbourhood store. Our Paris life is very glamorous, yes? I was first to arrive, so I got a bit of window shopping out of the way while I waited. And when I was done, the man was still nowhere to be seen. Humpf. I know my time keeping is entirely too Dutch for most people in the city of lights, but the man shares a passport with me. Luckily, there was ice cream to be had as a pleasant distraction:

Coffee ice cream

It was research, really. The first time I got an ice cream from Le Bac à Glaces, I tried two sorbet flavours. The chocolate was too intense for my taste- frankly, it was a flash back to those childhood times where I’d excitedly stick my finger in a bag of cocoa and got a mouthful of bitter instead of a sweet treat. I am sure it works for some, but I much preferred the mango, which tasted of the best mango I’ve never had. So it was 50-50 between hit and miss and I felt a final test run was in order before sharing a source of deliciousness with you.

And was that try ever a charm. Glorious, creamy, just-the-right-level-of-sweet coffee ice cream with a real coffee kick. By the last spoonfuls I was actively hoping my man would be just a little bit more late, so I wouldn’t have to share.

He obliged. By a good 45 minutes. Next time, I´m getting two scoops.


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