10 Things I Did This Week

  1. Found a new shoebox to live in. Plus all the paperwork that goes with such a find in Paris.
  2. Handed in my papers to register for French state healthcare.
  3. Spent seven hours on the Thalys.
  4. Prepped salads, bought meat and bread, froze bananas and dipped them in chocolate ganache for a barbecue with my family to celebrate my birthday.
  5. Got a pile of great birthday presents, including a pretty new camera in a pretty new case, fancy chocolates and six of these cookbooks. Felt very, very spoiled.
  6. Saw a friend become an honest-to-goodness minister (hope I am getting the ecclesiastical terminology right).
  7. Baked a tomato-basil-goat’s cheese galette.
  8. Cleaned the cupboard under the oven, for what I believe was the first time in five years. (The friends using our place while we’re on holiday might appreciate the gesture.)
  9. Shared some more lovely food to continue birthday celebrations: burgers with my man, cake with the parents and grandparents and lunch with the parents.
  10. Discovered Campari mojitos. Want many, many more of those.


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3 responses to “10 Things I Did This Week

  1. Harry

    I’m very glad to have been part of some of the things and that I have NOT been part of some of the others… 🙂

  2. manon

    Note to self: Must visit new shoebox soon. Will spend hours in Thalys happily to do that. Really would like to Bbq in August. Will leave birthday-and-thank-you present at the Amsterdam shoebox (wonder if this makes her curious). Must visit minister in Israel and take pictures for L. Must eat poetry things while in Amsterdam. Will stare at oven cupboard all day to admire cleanliness. Must try Campari Mojitos immediately after stopping breastfeeding. Stop note to self.
    Note to you: What a wonderful week you had! And thanks for the cleaning and the lending of the house!

  3. @Manon: 😀 Just thought you’d rub that in, eh, with the mystery present? New shoebox not quite ready for visitors (unless they love jumping over piles of miscellaneous crap), but soon, soon. Let’s make a plan!

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