Tuna and Beans

Tuna and bean salad

It makes me happy to find a recipe that will provide both dinner and office lunch from one cooking effort. I suppose any recipe theoretically could, but it is not often that you find food that keeps well, takes kindly to transport and can be eaten cold or reheated in the microwave. Oh, and that doesn’t send colleagues scurrying in the opposite direction with its pungent aroma. Although I should be fair and put on record that my colleagues are surprisingly non-fussy about food smells, I still like to keep things within a reasonable limit.

Today, I got lucky. This particular find started life as a taste memory from a party at a friend’s house. It is the thing I remember best from a table loaded with other, surely delicious, things but it took a reminder from a SimplyRecipes post to get me into the kitchen. Once there, all I needed to do was combine the contents of two cans with some pantry items, exercise a bit of patience (easier with crackers and cream cheese around) and boil an egg. The result: a happy stomach full of food and two lunches waiting for me in the fridge.

White bean and tuna salad

makes 3 light meals

  • 1 600 gr can or jar of cooked white beans
  • 1 150 gr can of albacore tuna, preferably oil-packed
  • 3 shallots, finely chopped
  • Zest and juice of a small lemon
  • Olive oil
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • Few dashes of hot sauce
  • 3 hard boiled eggs, optional

Put the chopped shallots in a salad bowl and mix with about half the lemon juice. Leave to marinate for a little while, to take the edge off the raw onion flavour.

Drain the white beans and rinse them. Drain the tuna and break it into flakes. Mix them with the shallots, along with the hot sauce and the lemon zest. Add the beans and gently mix again. Grind over some black pepper, mix and taste. Adjust flavourings to taste, and don’t lose your gentle touch with the mixing. Leave to stand (a few hours would be great, but 20 minutes worked for me) to let flavours mingle.

When you’re ready to serve, peel the eggs, chop into chunks and scatter them over the salad.


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One response to “Tuna and Beans

  1. manon

    Brings back happy memories! Other beans might fit in as well, some friends for the white ones. Maybe also some parsley on top. Indeed also perfect for lunch!

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