Breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed

What nicer way to start a rainy Sunday? And, no, that’s not my bed. But it is a rack full of bedding sheets. Close enough, I say.

The light is much better here than in the actual bedroom. I needed it, apparently, because even with this light the picture is blurry. I blame playing around with the manual setting on my camera and not realizing the shutter speed was too slow for my quivery little hands. Or the autofocus is broken. Could be.

There is nothing home-made on that tray, so no recipe with this one. But at least I took the picture on manual, right?



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2 responses to “Breakfast in bed

  1. Harrywrc

    A typical case of shaky hands, NOT a faulty autofocus… But you did it on maual! Hurrah. You just beat Canon’s sophisticated AE system…(Eh, but why…) Oh and if you use your flash the overall picture might be a bit lighter. 🙂

  2. Because it is K.E.W.L. 😀

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