Try This!

It is Friday morning and I should be working. Was working, when somehow I ended up at and saw this. I love, Love, LOVE this idea. Get a camera, shoot pictures for a week and stick them in an album. Great as a birthday present for a small person. But I’m thinking we all need a little reminder sometimes to stop and look at the life we have and this sounds like an awesome way to do it.

Sigh. Cool creative ideas make me jealous. And give me a big smile on my face.



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2 responses to “Try This!

  1. Manon

    Cool! I was working on a photo album for the four-year-old, from 1 to 4. Or, would say, was trying working on it, cause since I started working again was not really able to do much about it. But she is really anxious for me to make this album, loves her baby album too. And loves to make pictures herself too. Last month, she was experimenting with the flash light, how pictures get just enough or way too much light depending on the distance. So wise.

  2. You’ve got yourself a smart one there. 🙂 Any chance you can get her to do the hard work on putting together her 1-4 albums? Now, or a little later down the road? She can have some fun AND create cool mementoes in the process. Win-win in busy times, I say.

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