Pizza, naturally


Kale on Monday was boiled and served over garlic-rubbed bread. The rest of the week there were lentils with carrots and celery, shrimp in tomato sauce, warm red cabbage salad, chicken and mushrooms in tomato cream sauce and caesar’s salad. Yes, much better. (The chicken was cooked by my man and the caesar’s salad by a pub, but no matter. There was real food and my body feels better.)

So, today was time for pizza. Naturally.

Pizza dough

I broke out Rose Levy Beranbaum’s Bread Bible, even though it still intimidates me. I figured I have spent so much time reading it, it was time. Time for trying my second ever recipe from it. So I stirred together flour, yeast, sugar, salt and water, and let it sit in a well-oiled container for about seven hours. After that there was a (very) little kneading, more proofing, some baking. Followed by the toppings (tomato sauce, softened onions and bell peppers, gorgonzola for me and ham for the man) and some more baking. And then: pizza.

Or so I’d hoped. But no. The crust was firmly stuck to the baking sheet after all that hot time together, so I had to get in there with a metal spatula and serious elbow grease. The man got stuck in too, and together we separated the dough from the sheet without losing too much of the good stuff on top. Once we did: yum. The crust had lots of flavor, quite a bit of crunch and a good chew. The toppings were creamy, savory, a little sweet, alive. This is definitely a pizza I’ll bake again, if only so I can tell you how to do the same. You know, after I figure out how to prevent a dough-sheet marriage.


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