Yes, yes we did

Did I have you going there, for a second? With the cliffhanger of my man and the husband question?

No? Humpf.

Well, you were right not to wonder. He said yes. As did I. The rest of the day passed in a blur of sunshine, picknick blankets, bubbles (of the alcoholic and of the soapy kind), smiles. Sweet speeches and high heels sinking into the grass faster than the photographer could take pictures. And food, of course there was food.

There were Danish before the ceremony, that I did not get my hands on. There was delicious pie from the Taartenkamer (Pie Room, cute no?), and I will definitely order from them again so I can try the white chocolate-raspberry pie that didn’t make it into my mouth. Mostly because I was too busy munching on berry meringue pie. There was a barbecue. And there was lunch. Ah, lunch. Allow me. There were:

  • Meat balls in tomato sauce
  • Watermelon, rocket, cottage cheese salad
  • Peperonata
  • Bell pepper tarts
  • Tuna-radish wraps
  • Olives
  • Chunks of bread and dips
  • Lots of cheese
  • Fruit salad
  • A kids’ buffet with raisin rolls, vegetable sticks andM&M’s

And deviled eggs. Of course there were deviled eggs. One reading of this (by Molly at Orangette) was enough to convince me we had to have deviled eggs with capers and aioli at our wedding. Which we did, kind of. But the capers weren’t crunchy, and the aioli must have gotten left behind in the caterer’s “oh-my-is-it-that-time-already?”- panic (lunch started an hour late). And that’s fine, because it gives me an excuse to make them. Properly. I will tell you all about them once I do.

For now, I have to go figure out how much a month I pay into my pension plan. Because my life is exciting.

No, really.


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