It happened in a heart beat

Until we get the wedding pictures

The day passed a bit like a slideshow. In my head.

No, scratch that. It passed a lot like a slide show. Or at least that’s what it feels like now.

*start presentation, click*

I am sitting on the couch a little after 6.30AM, toe nails wet with polish. The alarm was set for 7AM, but I didn’t need it.


My man has woken up and, amazingly, seems to be cleaning the kitchen of pre-wedding dinner debris. Even though we used disposable plates and cups (and I made everyone write their name on their cup so they would need only one- everyone deserves a Bridezilla moment, no?), there is crockery everywhere.


My man is applying doublesided sticky tape to me and various articles of my clothing. Ah, the romance. But odds of me making it through the day without embarrassing flashing of flesh greatly improve.


I am coming home from the hair dresser’s, about fifty bobby pins heavier, and the photographer meets me in the stairwell. I tackle a few of the steps twice to make a better picture happen, then loudly announce my presence so my man can flee the scene and won’t see me until I am fully dolled up.


My man, my brother, his girl and me are piling into my brother’s (rather dinky) car.


At a traffic light, the photographer tries to take a picture of us in the car in front of her. I think she might not have been going for strained necks as we try to face her, but that’s what she gets.


Manon is feeding her baby, I am applying make-up and Jacco is pacing the sunlit room we are using as a hide-away from prying eyes pre-ceremony. I am excited, happy. My man looks a little pale.


My father is coming to collect me to walk down the aisle and gets the biggest grin on his face when he sees me in full wedding get-up.


I grab my man’s hand as C talks to us, and everyone, about who we are, who we want to be and why we want to be it together. Oh, and she talks about Adam and Eve. Feisty girl, that Eve, if you believe the Jewish legend. I think.


The official tells us to stand up and hold each other’s hand. Then he asks my man if he wants to be my husband.

*click, pause*

Time for a little break, lest I bore you into a coma with wedding talk. Let’s have a bite of chocolate peppermint bark for refreshment.

Chocolate and peppermint

Chocolate peppermint bark

  • 150 gr white chocolate (please make it high-quality so you don’t end up with just flavored vegetable fat)
  • 150 gr bittersweet chocolate
  • handful of peppermint “cushions” (those soft peppermints that dissolve easily in your mouth)

Melt both types of chocolate separately. I like using the microwave for this, starting with 1,5 minutes at full power, then adding ten second blasts until most of the chocolate has melted. A good stir takes care of the last few nubs of non-melted chocolate. If you’re more comfortable using a pan over hot water to melt the chocolate, by all means do so. Be careful not to get any water in the pan of white chocolate, or it will seize. White chocolate has a temper.

Spread blobs of both types of chocolate onto a silicone baking sheet, sheet of wax paper or similar. Make sure the blobs touch, and blend the edges with swirly motions to get a pretty pattern. Crush the mints and scatter the pieces over the soft chocolate. Leave to cool and set completely. Break into chunks, eat.


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