John Altman Sour Cherry Chocolate Cookies

Top of the Cookie Bag

Oh, John Altman. How you’ve disappointed me. Your sour cherry and chocolate cookies? Not sour at all. And this after you promised me, right there on the package “sour cherries plucked well before their time to get your lips really pursing”. There was no pursing. In fact, I am not even sure there were cherries. Your ingredient list supports me on that, with 0,1% natural cherry flavor as the only fruity component.

About the stuff inside

And that “crumbliest, flakiest Belgian chocolate”  you could find? Not crumbly at all. Or maybe it was, but I couldn’t feel it because the pieces were so small. Chocolate is better in large chunks, whether from Belgium or not. Take it from me.

The whole bag

Perhaps I should have seen this coming, with your claim of “100% good, not perfect”. I did not. My sucker-for-advertising-ness is such that I expect V. Cool packaging to contain a V. Cool product. Your cookies? Not so cool. Well, actually, I quite liked them after I got used to the candy-like cherry flavor. But not puckery, and I wanted puckery.

You know?


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