Cucumber yum yum cocktail

Limes meant for cocktail

Easter Sunday brunch went by in such a flutter of scones, eggs,  asparagus salad and family catch-up talk that I completely blanked on taking pictures. This is a shame, since I would have loved to show you cucumber yum yum cocktail.

Selected for brunch mostly for its name (by me, of course, the perpetual sucker for advertising), cucumber yum yum cocktail turned out to be more than a catchy moniker. I adapted this recipe to make it non-alcoholic, by adding half a juiced cucumber and 200 gr of squashed raspberries to elderflower cordial to refreshing and beautifully pink results. Even my brother had a second glass- after proclaiming it “too sweet” for his taste. I forgot to add the lime juice, which might have remedied this problem somewhat, and made the yum yum even more uplifting. To make up for this, and in an act of complete misrepresentation, I give you a picture of the limes instead. May your Easter be refreshing and bright!


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