Amsterdam food (supermarket love)

Supermarket bounty

This is why I love to live in Amsterdam.

A dreary Sunday afternoon, and plans for lunch have fallen through (it helps if a restaurant you want to eat at is open when you want to eat there). I don’t want to eat anywhere else (insert foot stomp here, because I am mature like that), but can’t go without food until dinner. My man might get hurt if I do. So I get on my bike and ten minutes later I am at a big supermarket* that sells things like peanut butter cups. Golden Syrup and buttery Belgian cookies. Soft, smelly cheese and fancy hand-cooked crisps. Also, organic flour to bake pancakes, Prima Donna cheese for dessert and free-range pate to smear on rice crackers.

Please don’t ever make me leave.

*C1000 Java eiland


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  1. Manon

    Food lovers apparently can survive in Leiden as well 😉
    Proof on

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