Creamy onion bacon bites

Please to excuse, but I have no sandwich for you. I was all set to make an English breakfast sandwich (gotta love that idea from someone who is in a hospital eating precisely nothing), but ruined it for myself by imaging the perfect firm-yet-fluffy bread to use. Ain’t no way I could get that bread anywhere near my house after 6PM. Pah.

 I cannot, however, in all fairness say that I am sad about it, because I made this: 

Cream, onion, bacon on a crust

Ready-made crust for savory pie, spread with sour cream, softened onion slices and crisped up bacon bits, baked for 15 minutes or so at 200C. Thank you, SmittenKitchen, for perhaps the perfect Friday dinner. (Also, my man, for making creamed spinach as a side, with a full jar of crème fraiche thrown in. Even if he took 40 minutes to wash a single bag of green leaves.)


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