Sandwiches Tomorrow

Mushrooms on toast?

Three nights of too little sleep (I am hating whatever bug got to my man almost as much as he is) make for a Grumpy Laura. In an effort not to pick a fight with my man just because, I clicked over to for a bit of a browse. Saw this, and now we just have to have sandwiches tomorrow. Can’t decide what to put on them, though. There’s got to be oozy cheese, that’s a given. Maybe mushrooms? Meat? Mayonnaise?

Tell, what do I put on my bread tomorrow?



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2 responses to “Sandwiches Tomorrow

  1. Manon

    Anything must be better than hospital food 🙂 i’m dreaming of a full english breakfast. you can put that on your sandwich… in a slightly more elegant way: scrambled egg, mushrooms, oozy cheese and bacon?

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