Raspberry yogurt gratin

Raspberry yogurt gratin

A SmittenKitchen post prompted me to plan this morning’s breakfast days in advance. I placed my order for raspberries with such a big smile (of anticipation) that I stunned the greengrocer into throwing in a few peaches for free. I carefully selected the Greek yogurt to use, discovering that it is true what they say: many brands have gelatin and starch as thickening agents. It took me three pots before I found one that had only milk, milk powder and bacteria as ingredients. Ugh. Still, find one I did and a raspberry yogurt gratin was on its way.When breakfast time rolled around this morning, I was happy to find that a few of the raspberries had gone moldy, SmittenKitchen-style. I took this as a sign that the gratin was going to be delicious, just like hers. So I folded the raspberries into the yogurt, added a generous sprinkle of brown sugar and popped the dish under the broiler.

After seven minutes or so, the sugar had formed dark brown puddles and it was time. I stuck in, chewed, swallowed, and… was disappointed. It was tasty: soft raspberries suspended in a sweet, creamy base. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. But still. I had expected the clouds to part, angels to start singing and my taste buds to do a little dance, and none of those happened. Thing is, I was spooning up lukewarm yogurt. And no matter how good it tastes, lukewarm yogurt is a little odd.

Would it be better cold? Why, I don’t know. But I might just have to find out… Next weekend, perhaps. Bake the berries the day I buy them (also: no mold! yay!) and leave them in the fridge for a cold, fragrant breakfast on Sunday. If only all disappointments came with such a sweet treat.


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