And back again.

Ah, Italia.

The fresh fruits and vegetables.

Produce at the Trullo Juno

The coffee and crodino.

Cappuccino e crodino

 The pasta.

Orechiette with sugo and ricotta forte

The cheese, crudo and crostini (quite possibly my favorite CCC alliteration)

Pugliese plate and crostini

The pizza.

Mozzarella salami and mushroom pizza

And, surprisingly, the Obama love.

Eat like Barack O

I could live there.

Oh yes, I could.



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2 responses to “And back again.

  1. Manon

    But, lucky for us, you live a little closer to me 🙂

    Today I visited Enschede and was rewarded with excellent lamb-and-apricot. Will ask for recipe and try out on you to make you feel happy back home in the cold Dutch weather (though in the east, there was actually sun. and whine)

    Welcome back!

  2. Bart

    I want to live there too!!! (the pizza place i mean, i couldn’t care less for the actual location)

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