Daily Dinner: Lamb cutlets and zucchini

Lamb cutlets and cheesy zucchini

Fact you probably don’t know: if you slice a zucchini, place it in a bowl with the cut sides touching and leave the slices for a day, they will stick together again. Not completely, but it won’t be easy to tear them apart.

You’re welcome. I could just sense that you wanted to know that.

Tonight’s dinner brought about the amazing whole-again zucchini discovery. I sliced some zucchini on Saturday, thinking I would grill them as part of a tapas meal with friends. There was so much other food, though, that I never got to them. Good news for me this evening. After prying the slices apart, I chucked them in a hot grill pan to cook for about seven minutes  (thick slices make for quicker cutting- they were about 2 cm thick). When brown stripes formed on the bottom, I flipped them and added a small chunk of Pere Joseph cheese (soft, mildly pungent yellow cheese with a black rind) to each slice, to melt while the other side got stripey.

For the second part of the meal, I fried up tasty garlicky, herby lamb cutlets. I bought them marinated from the butcher’s and flash fried them in hot pan in a little olive oil for two minutes on each side. Nice crust on the outside, tender meat on the inside and garlicky juices down my chin with every bite. Wonderful. I know, I know, that doesn’t get you any closer to dinner… But! It does a little: now you know pre-marinated lamb cutlets can be excellent, and cook in under five minutes. Get thee to a meat monger next time dinner has to be double-quick and seriously hassle-free. Then pair the cutlets with cheesy zucchini slices (pre-cutting optional) and I really don’t see how a meal could be easier while still freshly made and tasty.


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  1. HarryWRC


    Mouthwatering naaaaaaaaaaaiz

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