Daily Dinner: Sausage and Leek Scramble

Please to excuse. Thursday’s dinner idea was cruelly waylaid when the internets died around these here parts. Then a virus army attacked my system (it took two days of whining, sneezing and napping, but victory is mine!) and it didn’t happen at all. Sorry.

But plunging back in again: Tomorrow’s Monday. The gray ladies of Amsterdam East will once again have to flee from my tidal wave, and my man is cooking dinner. Not sure what it’ll be, but I am betting it will be something easy. That’s his motto “I’ll just throw together something simple”. I have gotten him to a point where this doesn’t  usually include stuff from a package, but simple it will certainly be. Like this leek and sausage scramble for two:

Leek and sausage scramble

Chop the bottom of two leeks and slice them half lengthwise. Carefully rinse under the tap, separating the layers as you do so. Then cut into thin half moons, adding as much of the green as you can handle (I personally don’t mind the light green, but won’t add the dark green).

Take the casing of three sausages (plain, garlicky, spicy, whatever puffs your omelet). Heat some olive oil in a thick-bottomed pan, add the sausage meat and break it up with your cooking spatula. Push the meat to one side, and add the sliced leek on the other.

Sausages and leek

Cook for a few minutes, until the meat is mostly cooked. Then mix the lot together and cook for a few more minutes. Meanwhile, break three eggs into a bowl, add a little water, salt and pepper and mix. When the leek is as soft as you want it and the sausage is cooked through, add the egg to the pan. Stir it around with your spatula until cooked but still moist. Transfer to a warm plate and serve hot, with some bread, leafy salad and/or cherry tomatoes.

Simple, but satisfying. (Although not awfully pretty in a picture, is it?)


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