Number One Cake

Competition-winning cake

Ladies and gentlemen, this is an award-winning cake. 

Or, more accurately, this is a cake that entered a baking competition and came in first. Perhaps not surprising, when I tell you that the only other entrants were a grayish-brown mass with pasta as its main ingredient and a pre-fab cake crust randomly strewn with candy by a mentally impaired person. Also, they seemed to have forgotten that the winner was promised a prize.

But still: my cake won a competition! V. excited, and considering opening an online cake-shop. Any buyers?

If you want to feel like a winner too, the recipe (by Nigella Lawson) is here.


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One response to “Number One Cake

  1. dV

    HURRAH! Now you’re an official cakebaking contest winner. So your online cakeshop can start by selling an award winning cake. Soon you’ll have to be in your shoebox kitchen all day. You’re man can distribute them all over the country Solid business for two if you ask me!

    PS: Looks like a typical treat for second easter day 🙂 Can I order a hefty chunk in advance?

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