Snowbusters (plums with oranges and cinnamon)

Plums, oranges and cinnamon

So I made my way to work through a snowstorm. Snow-storm. SNOW STORM.

This is not okay. I want sunshine and warmth and fresh strawberries. Or, failing that, the opportunity to get on my bike without a realistic fear of falling over. At this point, the only way that is going to happen is investing in training wheels. And that would seriously ruin the cool chick look I have going on. You know, with the Ugly Comfy Boots, the Michelin Man padding and the hood permanently attached to my head.

I am sorry to slip back into the cold-weather-sucks groove, but how can I not? There was snow in my cleavage before 7.30 AM.

Bird's annoyed at snow, too

The only thing that reconciles me a little to this weather is the food I get to cook. Braising vegetables, roasting juicy joints and cooking up thick soups, these are all good things. Or would be, because the snow is slowing me down so much I haven’t been to the butcher’s in weeks and braising vegetables is only feasible if I leave work early.

BOO-HOO-HOO. Me and my privileged girl’s problems.

Thank goodness for dried fruits, then. I don’t eat them for dinner, so I don’t have to cook them under time pressure. (Oh, the pressure of a hungry man breathing down my neck.) They don’t have to come from special stores, but if I am feeling healthy and buy them from an organic store I can keep them hanging around till I need them. Long, slow heating makes them taste every bit as sensuous as silky Belgian endives or soft cubes of beef. Plus, they are so easy to cook.

Take the recipe I scavenged from Orangette. You put dried plums in a pan with a cinnamon stick and a chopped up orange (no peeling needed), cover with water and simmer the fruit for 45 minutes or so. In that time, your house starts to smell great, the plums soften and plump up and the liquid becomes a bit syrupy. Perfect served for breakfast with some vanilla yogurt or plain, as a wintery dessert.

And that is certainly okay.


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