Angeled Eggs

Angeled eggs

Today a colleague gleefully told me “January, February and March have the highest average number of work days of the year. No holidays, no vacations, just pure, interrupted time to work.” Then she gave a happy giggle before walking away to make photocopies.

Obviously, this colleague loves her job a leettle more than I do.

Me, I would not mind a break. Unfortunately, I have a To Do list that begs to differ. It is feeling bloated and demands regular work-outs. I oblige, because I don’t want to get into an argument with yet another office tool.

However, having to work does not mean I cannot dream up ways to make my days more festive, even if the Easter bunny won’t hop for another seven weeks. If there is a more festive thing than a deviled egg, I do not know it. Yes, you might argue the case for champagne, what with the happy bubbles. Or maybe caviar, which surely has the egg beat in the expensive-hence-special stakes.

But do champagne and caviar handily jumpstart conversations with their retro-ness, which everyone secretly craves? Are they adored by adults and children alike? Can you adapt them to suit your own taste exactly? I think not.

Therefore: the eggs. I wouldn’t call these deviled, exactly. Angeled seems more appropriate for the creamy, hearty, pink stuffing in these pretty ones. And so easy: boil some eggs until hard, cut into half, pop out the yolks and mix them with sour cream and smoked salmon cut into tiny pieces. Put the mixture back into the halved eggs, et voila: angels on a plate. Good for a bit of festive any time of the year.


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