Leek Love (baked egg with leek and cream)

Baked egg with leek and cream

Oh. My. Goodness. I don’t know who Camino’s chef is (nor, for that matter, have I ever been to Oakland-based restaurant Camino), but I might have to propose marriage to him or her. Also, to Luisa, for channeling Camino to us.

Why, you ask? Well, let me tell you. I have just found true love in a ramekin. And I wasn’t even looking. I was just looking for something easy to make for lunch. You see, I burned my index finger and thumb last night, taking a cup of milk from the microwave. The milk wasn’t that hot (not even steaming, in fact), but the cup? It was HotHotHot. So now I have two bright red fingers, one with a raised white part that looks suspiciously like a second degree burn.

It is not easy to do things when the opposable thumb function of your right hand is out of order. Zipping up a coat is a challenge, spreading butter on toast hurts and vacuum cleaning is just impossible (or so I tell myself). Cooking, then, seems like a bit of an obstacle. But when it is four degrees out and it is Sunday afternoon, I want something hot for lunch. Luckily, the left-over leek in my fruit and vegetable bowl reminded me of a post at Wednesday Chef, with leeks and egg and a bit of cream that share some time in the oven to become an adorable bowlful.

Baked egg before baking

The recipe for Camino’s egg baked in cream is easy enough for even a mauled paw to handle. It looks a bit silly when you cut a leek by stabbing at it with a knife held in a closed fist, but it can be done. And once you’ve gotten that far, the rest is plain sailing. Sauteeing the leek in butter just requires some fancier-than-normal wrist action, topping the softened leek with an egg is surprisingly simple when you use the countertop as a friendly cracking device. Then all it takes is drizzling a bit of cream and waving the salt and pepper shakers, and you’re done. True love is just around the corner.

Yes, you have to wait for about 10 minutes while the egg cooks, but then. Ah, then… Then you have a layer of soft, sweet herbal leek. On top of that, cooked but still soft egg white and a gloriously runny yoke. I mixed them all together into a green, silky mess, spread some of it on a crusty roll and gasped. Looking at the humble list of ingredients, you would not believe how creamy, luxurious and sinful yet healthy, calming and warming this tastes.

Trust me: try this, and you will be shopping for a diamond ring soon.

P.S.: Wow. Two posts in two days about kitchen lurve. It might be time for me to get out more.


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