Celery root and apple soup

It feels odd to talk about soup. Talk about soup, when there are far bigger things to talk about. But fact is, I have no words for the big stuff. How do I write about an earthquake? About hungry people? About parents without children and children without parents?

I can’t, because I don’t know and I can’t even imagine.

So I won’t. Instead, I will tell you about my weekend. Because I am thankful to be here, to be alive, and I want to share that with you. If nothing else, this I can do: acknowledge how incredibly, astoundingly lucky I am to be where I am.

This was a good weekend. There was a visit to the man’s family, with laughter and interesting stories from an ex-Marine. A wicked salad with pieces of crab, tiny pieces of leek, corn kernels, cucumber and mayonnaise. There was scouting for a new mattress, and lunch at Stanislavski. Then there was food shopping at Marqt, and a show at the Leidseplein. There was a walk through snowy Amsterdam, holding hands with my man. On Sunday, there was shared cleaning of the shoebox and natural light to take pictures of freshly baked cinnamon rolls.

And there was this soup.

Celery root and apple soup

It was going to be just a quick way to use up half a celery root and make something hot for lunch. It turned out to be the perfect addition to a great weekend.

The idea came from a recipe by Sarah Raven, the exact ingredients were dictated by what I had on hand. Half a celery root, an apple, a shallot, garlic, a few celery sticks and a handful of walnuts. First you sweat the vegetables until they soften. Then you add the garlic and simmer the vegetables for about ten minutes in some vegetable stock. Next, you add the apple in large chunks and simmer for twenty more minutes. After that, you blend the soup with an immersion blender and add some walnuts for crunch and extra oomph.

The soup is faintly sweet and hearty at the same time. It is earthy and  creamy, but not heavy at all. There is the friendly smell of apple and the solid flavor of celery root. It is the perfect soup for a perfect Sunday.

For all this, and much, much more I am grateful.


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