Luscious Lentils (with bacon and mustard)

Oh my.

I never thought I would say this, but meet some Luscious Lentils:

Luscious lentils

A year ago, I challenged myself to find ten recipes with legumes to love. There is one recipe on the list at this point. I will admit to not spending every waking moment dreaming up new ways to try beans, but I did give it a fair try. For a year. And found one recipe. Imagine my surprise when I followed Adam Roberts’ advice and discovered the recipe for love isn’t all that complicated.

What you do is fry bacon bits and sautee chopped celery, carrots and onions in some of the fat that melts from them. (Love is simple, not low in calories.) Then you add cooked lentils and seal the deal with chopped garlic, a dab (or three) of mustard and a splash of red wine vinegar. It is hearty, it is crunchy and it has lots of flavors to keep you interested till the very last bite. It is love on a plate- I might even write it a song.

“Luscious lentils, luscious lentils

You are so very luscious

And your porky fat makes me want to…”

Or maybe not.


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