Better in White (carrot cup cakes)

A request to the weather gods: please stop the snow. I hope the little kids being pulled through the white powder on a sled, squealing with delight, don’t resent my saying so, but snow is more trouble than it is worth. I have not dared cycle anywhere in a week and delays on public transport have become the desirable option, with complete cessation of service the alternative. Walking has turned into an extreme sport because of the treacherous patches of ice hiding under innocent-looking powder snow. Also, birds are apparently dying by the dozen because they cannot find enough food in an unfamiliar, frozen world. No good, I tell you. No good.

I will give snow lovers one thing, though: the world looks better cloaked in white. Even the railroad tracks along my house manage to look almost picturesque with downy white edges. Not that that makes it any more attractive to go outside, but it is awfully pretty to look at from inside.

You can even use the “covered in white = prettier” principle there, in the comfort of central heating. Take these cupcakes. They are warm with spices, sweet and surprisingly moist. Unfortunately, they look dull by themselves. Well, in my version anyway. I found the recipe on Smitten Kitchen, and Deb’s version is spectacularly orange. Pretty cool on its own (and gorgeous with piped icing). My brown numbers needed the white to shine, though, so out came the cream cheese.

I didn’t bother following the complete icing recipe, but just mixed some maple syrup and powdered sugar into the cream cheese and piled it on. I am calling the result rustic chic and do not wish to hear from you if you disagree. After all, everything looks better cloaked in white.



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2 responses to “Better in White (carrot cup cakes)

  1. Bart

    MMMMMMMMM rustic chic is the new candy cane pink!

  2. L.

    Hehehe. My thoughts exactly!

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